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The story

It has been three years since Rollie McFly rid the Bugdom of the evil King Thorax and his minions, but the Bugdom can still be dangerous place as our new hero Skip is about to find out. While on his way to visit his family on the far side of the Bugdom, a Bully Bee swooped down and stole Skip’s knapsack. Your job as Skip is to track down the Bully Bee and get your knapsack back. The chase takes place mostly in and around a house.

You will make new friends in the Bugdom who will help you through each area. Keep an eye out for Sam the Snail and Sally the Chipmunk. Sam will usually make you prove your worthiness before he will help you, but Sally is just interested in gathering acorns, so be sure to brings lots of those to her. Additionally, the same Buddy Bugs that helped Rollie McFly defeat King Thorax will help you defeat most mean enemy bugs that you encounter.

About this port

Bugdom 2 was released in 2002 by Pangea Software as a Mac game. It is the sequel to the original Bugdom.

This port aims to provide the best way to experience Bugdom 2 on modern computers. This port was made and re-released under permission from Pangea Software, Inc. If you're interested in the technical stuff behind this game, please visit Bugdom 2's GitHub page!

Bugdom 2 © 2002 Pangea Software, Inc. Bugdom® is a registered trademark of Pangea Software, Inc. Parts of this version are © 2023 Iliyas Jorio.


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Version 4.0.0
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Version 4.0.0

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